Most Entrepreneurs fail in Skincare Business

The industry is witnessing a lot of participation from foreign brands and domestic entrepreneurs who are actively trying to take a pie of this mammoth industry.

Dr. Chytra V Anand, an internationally renowned Celebrity Cosmetic Dermatologist and Founder of Kosmoderma Skin & Hair Clinic, shares her views on competing with foreign brands that are flocking to the Indian mainstream.

She says, “The international brands don’t have the know-how of treating Indian skin types.

Indian skin is very different and one of the most sensitive skin types. Even the technologies available internationally need to be modified many times to suit Indian skin and this is the core specialty of Kosmoderma. In fact, many International brands have asked partner with us or buy us out due to our core knowledge.

Lack of scientific know-how. It’s a medical aesthetic field, not just business. You need to be business savvy and medically apt.

Lack of innovation and growth. One size does not fit all. Very important to know how to personalize the procedures.

Apathy to customer care. The life cycle of the client is very important and at every junction key interactions matter.

Poor forecast. Everyone assumes India is a billion people. They forget 50% is BPL. Key to know your target segment.

Lack of regulations makes this an unregulated market. So client education is important for them to differentiate among the players in this segment.

Adherence to strict SOP and protocols

Headed by a core Medical and Business team hand in hand

In-house training for all recruits regardless of experience, the Kosmoderma way with constant training

First access to the latest technologies and advances within house extensive trials before launching into the market

Visionary in its approach to skin, hair and body needs, being accessibly affordable while maintaining the highest standards and delivering results

Our own very popular skin care line tailor-made for Indian skin

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