How The Integrated Teacher Education

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The globalization and the rapid invasion of technology are revamping the Indian education industry, giving birth to many new unique business ideas and segments.

Recently, the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) announced a four-year integrated program for teachers that is believed to enhance the teaching profession in India. Experts believe that the education industry could only be successful if guided by a well-skilled and informed teacher.

There is no doubt that technology plays a vital role in today’s education system. But, the technology could only be utilized as a tool for catering knowledge via skilled teachers.

Teachers have always been a building block for students, guiding and nurturing them at every step of their success and failure.

The program aims at molding and nurturing class 12th passed students, for a responsible profession of teaching. Teaching profession comes with great responsibilities as it could make or break a child’s career.

The program initiated by the NCTE aims at allowing the students to learn the basics before entering the teaching profession, allowing them to value the power and responsibility they would be granted with.

Educators and education bodies introduce programs like the Integrated Teacher Education to maintain the standards in the teaching industry. India specifically has always been famous for its mix bunch of teaching facilities it carries.

As the competition is getting stiffer, the Indian educators are combining their sweat and blood in order to offer quality education to the new age learners.

That is the reason why the modern day Indian education market has numerous foreign students that get enrolled in the national colleges and universities.

The Integrated Teacher Education Program could nurture young skilled talents towards pursuing a career in the teaching profession.

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